• Life Insurance

    The main purpose of purchasing life insurance is to provide for our loved ones. Individual consumers buy life insurance for income replacement, mortgage protection and estate planning.  Businesses buy life insurance for buy/sell funding, key-person, and business continuation.

  • Fixed Annuities

    Fixed Annuities appeal to the more conservative investor who is looking for a product that offers guaranteed growth, which may be attractive in this volatile economy.  Fixed annuities also offer tax-deferral to help your money grow faster and offer a lifetime income option to keep your retirement secure.

  • Health Insurance

    Looking for an affordable individual or family healthcare plan? View our online resources or call our office to discuss options.

  • Employee Benefits

    Employers who provide benefit packages such as health, dental, and vision insurance plans boost employee morale and have increased employee retention.

  • Long-Term Care (LTC)

    More than 70% of people over 65 will need long term care services at some point in their lives. Having the right long term policy in place can help pay for the high cost associated with long term care services and this investment will allow you to live out your years comfortably and with less worry.